Hello everyone! Welcome to the website of “Superheroes fly ahead – Initiative for young dying people and their friends”.


The goal of our initiative is to create media and artistic content and offerings for young dying people and their friends.
Fortunately, we are all getting older and remain fit into old age. The current hospice and care offerings are very helpful for old people, but they are not nearly attractive enough for our generation and for very young people. There is a lack of digital, social and cultural offerings, which we would all certainly want to take advantage of should we ever need hospice or nursing care.

We all wish to still live long lives. But the changes we want to one day take for granted, we need to address now. And these changes must grow from the middle of society. They must come from artists, athletes, media people, designers, chefs, bankers, salespeople, all of us.
Up to now, hospice facilities have been run primarily by charitable or church associations. The services are designed accordingly. We must not leave these organizations alone with their task and their concerns. We must support them. We have to say how we would like to die? What would we like to have available to us then, how can we still determine and shape our own lives for as long as possible?

Finding answers to these questions and then implementing them is our mission as an initiative. The initiator is the author and activist Davy Dallas Peng aka DADA PENG, who is the founder and idea provider of “Superheroes Fly Ahead”. He is supported by friends, artists, Instagrammers, affected people and bereaved people who want to de-taboo the topic of “death and dying” and bring it to the center of society.

The Title Song of our Initiative (in german)

“TIL – Superhelden fliegen vor (für Jana)”

We are so proud and happy that the band TIL interprets the title song of our initiative. The song is produced in german since our initiative was started by the german/american artist Davy Dallas Peng aka DADA PENG and he also lives in Berlin. We currently working on the english version.

Why do we see young dying people as SUPERHEROES?

When a young person is diagnosed with a terminal illness, at first you feel it is particularly tragic. But if you no longer see death as the end, but much more as the goal, you can perhaps change this perspective somewhat. For us, life is a 10km marathon. We are all running like idiots, we all start at the beginning and we will all reach the finish line at some point. On the way, one or the other will meet us, stay by our side for a while, overtake us or stay behind. For us, those who reach the finish line first, quite early, are superheroes. They are the fastest, the coolest, they are the ones who keep the drinks cold at the finish line and cheer those who follow during the run-in. Superheroes fly ahead!

We’re glad you found us and are excited to see what shared memories will come from clicking on our website.

Until then,  to life!