My life is a refridgerator – poem by Dada Peng


my life is a refridgerator   by Dada Peng

  my life is a refridgerator

  and my mind is just a record store

  I live just like a mars invader

  and know the sun and all the shores

  from which I came

  because you are not the one to blame


  still I fill my cup with sorrow

  not because I fear tomorrow

  but because the blue is fading away

  and I know you are not going to stay

  with me forever more


  because my life is a refridgerator

  and my mind is just a record store


  that opens up from nine 2 seven

  breaks and murders at 5 to 11

  comes close to jesus at a quarter to ten

  and then….



  no blaze no gold or glimmer

  just you, 

  just me, 

  just chicken, 

  just dinner


  the world`s like a big boop

  my words… going on and on 

  spinning a loop


  U know I´m not the system

  I`m a bitch and a beggar

  a dime, a dollar, not less, not more


  but my life is a fucking refridgerator

  and my mind is an open record store


Hagesha – poem by Dada Peng


Hagesha by Dada Peng

Hagesha saman surenda
Indika lassa
Indika hindisu
Ashatme guru indama su

Hinru opsi kasta hesha
Kast hama, kasta nima
Lopsos hera shima nava
Hagesha, hagesha, nimi su ratma

Nima son sugesha

Lima san rada
Niva shavan, niva lidas
Katun, katun las jeva
Hagesha shala,
hagesha navilan,
sultan com shiva

eritwan saloe shaweng kisha
eritwan saloe shaweng kashu
sitwa kashema salan
hashi, nikala putan.
Gema hoshiva, gem hoshiva,
lassa gustera hashi salassa
sioneme, sioneme lassa hoshiva