Music Projects


With our music projects we try to reach especially young people, to get them interested in hospice work and to become aware of the life situations of young kids, who have a death bringing disease.
With germanys youngest Punk Band RockZone we produced a song with kids that do have a death bringing disease or who are having this situation with a loved one in their family.
It is called “Wenn Du glotzt” (If you dare starring) and it empowers young people in wheelchairs and who are obviously sick. THANKS RockZone for your talent and support!

Many people know the band RockZone, which consists of 13-year-old Oskar (guitar/vocals), Ruben (drums/background vocals) and Arian (bass/background vocals), from “The Voice Kids” finale 2021.
They were one of the most unusual acts of the season and rocked their way to the final decision show with their energetic performances.
The teens started with covers of Nirvana and Green Day, but now play mostly their own songs – a crossover of grunge, metal, garage punk and rock.
“Wenn Du glotzt” is the new official “Grüne Bande” (Green Gang) song.
The Grüne Bande consists of children and young people who have either been affected by a life-shortening illness themselves or have someone affected within their family. The goal of the gang is to promote the inclusion of children and young people with physical disabilities and to formulate and demand the needs from the gang members.
The song originates from a Green Gang poster campaign in which a gang member proclaimed, “When you gawk, I gawk back.”
The song promotes diversity, tolerance and respect and is loudly called for by the kids in the band and the gang.
Pitying looks – no thanks!

Often young people in wheelchairs, many of the Green Gang members are dependent on a wheelchair, reap, whether intentionally or unintentionally, pitying look in public.
This must end!
The aim of the music project is also to make the topics of children’s hospice work, grief and loss accessible to young people.

RockZone bei The Voice Kids