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“Superheroes fly ahead”  is the first non-profit association, which supports the very special interests of young, dying people.

The founder of the association and honorary laureate of the German Hospice and Palliative Association DADA PENG has visited over 50 hospice associations and hospices in recent years. In almost all of them there are wonderful offers for old people or for children. But he has never visited a hospice that explicitly responds to the needs and wishes of young dying and young adults. He also misses online and offline offers that promote and claim the interests of young dying people.

In order to close this gap, the association “Superheroes fly ahead” was founded.

The purpose of the non-profit association is to help and support dying young people and young adults as well as to promote art, culture and media offerings aimed at young dying people, so that they can shape their remaining lives to the end, make full use of them and live a self-determined life.
The association wants to draw attention to the concerns of young dying people, especially in the social and cultural field. This includes the nationwide expansion of Free Wifi in hospices and on palliative stations, an online service with tutorials and content for young dying people and, above all, their very own “Superhero Buddy” programm

The Superhero Buddy programm – a multimedia school project

The first SUPERHELDEN BUDDY trainings will start in March 2019. The Association wants to train a team of young, competent superheroes, who will present their program in schools and talk to the students about “Dying & Hospice Work”. The Buddies will shoot video clips with the pupils, produce songs and want to use new media channels to speak the language of the young people.

The book author and activist “Dada Peng” wants to change above all the view on young dying people:

“When a young person is diagnosed with a fatal disease, it is felt to be particularly tragic at first. However, if death is no longer seen as the end, but rather as the finish, this perspective may change a little. For me life is a 10km marathon. We all run like stupid, we all start at the start and we will all reach the finish sometime. On the way we meet one or the other, stay at our side for a while, overtake us or stay behind. Those who reach the finish first are superheroes to me. They are the fastest, the coolest, they are the ones who cool the drinks at the finish and cheer for the next ones during the race. Superheroes fly ahead.”
The association stands up for the interests of all members and all non-members. Because we are all dying. One or the other is only more conscious of it. By a diagnosis, by an illness for example.
The improvement of the living conditions during the dying phase benefits us all sooner or later!

Further projects of the association

The association will publish its own online and print magazine “DIE HAPPY” once a year, with articles, poetry, guidebooks and much more, which are either addressed to young dying people or written in cooperation with them.
The association plans likewise a Hospiz and Palliativ Week which addresses primarily young humans and off-line actions as well as on-line actions will take place. Cooperations with Youtubers, Benefiz concerts and art exhibitions are planned.

The association wants to shape life to the end, emancipate the dying, accompany them and appreciate and celebrate the value of lived life.


The First Chairman of SHFV e.V. Dada Peng alias Mirko Klos (copyright by Jenny Vogt)

Club member Jana Dehn with Dada Peng (copyright by Supelden fliegen vor e.V.)

The logo of the club (copyright by Superhelden fliegen vor e.V. &




Superheroes fly ahead

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Mirko Klos (First Chairman)

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