SUPERHEROES FLY AHEAD is the first initiative that promotes the interests of young people who are dying.

The initiator and honorary prize winner of the German Hospice and Palliative Association DADA PENG (short for DAvy DAllas Peng) has visited over 100 hospice associations and hospices in recent years. In almost all of them there are wonderful offers for old people or for children. But he has yet to visit a hospice that explicitly addresses the needs and wishes of young dying people and young adults. Similarly, he misses online and offline offers that promote and solicit the interests of young dying people.

To fill this gap, the SUPERHEROES FLY AHEAD initiative was launched. The initiative is based in Hamburg and Cologne.

The purpose of the initiative is to help and support dying adolescents and young adults and to promote art, culture and media offerings aimed at young people who are dying, so that they can shape the remaining time of their lives until the end, make full use of it and live a self-determined life.

The initiative aims to draw attention to the needs of young dying people, particularly in the social and cultural spheres. This includes the nationwide expansion of Free Wifi in hospices and palliative care wards, an online offering with tutorials and content for young dying people and, above all, a support offering specifically geared to young dying people.

The german/american author and activist DADA PENG also wants to change the view of young dying people in particular, saying:

“When a young person is diagnosed with a terminal illness, at first you feel this is particularly tragic. But if you no longer see death as the end, but much more as the finish-line, you can perhaps change this perspective somewhat. For me, life is a 10miles marathon. We are all running like idiots, we all start at the beginning and we will all reach the finish line at some point. On the way, one or the other will meet us, stay by our side for a while, overtake us or stay behind. For me, those who reach the finish line first, quite early, are superheroes. They are the fastest, the coolest, they are the ones who keep the drinks cold at the finish line and cheer those who follow during the run-in. Superheroes fly ahead.”

We are all dying people. Some are just more aware of it. By a diagnosis or by an illness, for example.

The improvement of living conditions during the dying phase benefits us all sooner or later!

The initiative wants to shape life to the end, emancipate the dying, accompany them and value and celebrate the life lived.



Davy Dallas Peng (copyright by Superheroes fly ahead)

Davy Dallas Peng (copyright by Superheroes fly ahead)

Our first Superhero JANA DEHN  (died 2018) mit Davy Dallas Peng (copyright by Superheroes fly ahead)

Superheroes fly ahead LOGO (copyright by Superheroes fly ahead)



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